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CBDrus display

The UK's First CBD Shop Opened Yesterday in East Lancashire

The first known shop dedicated to CBD was slated to open yesterday in East Lancashire in the Northwest of England. Called CBDrus, the CBD supply store has operated online for the past 18 months and now sells cannabidiol as a food supplement at its brick-and-mortar store on Hargreaves Street in the town of Burnley. The Lancashire Telegraph announced the opening of CBDrus's new premises the day before yesterday, speaking with proprietor Scott Hardacre, who said he firmly believed this was the very first CBD shop in all of the United Kingdom.

“I think there are a lot of online shops but there is nothing on the high street at all. These premises came up and they were suitable, so I thought I’d go for it.” Mr. Hardacre told the Lancashire Telegraph, with typical understated Britishness. 'High street,' referring to an urban main street is a catch-all term the Brits use to mean mainstream retail.

Although Prime Minister Theresa May is vehemently opposed to any marijuana reform in the country, CBD is legal, and a medical marijuana bill is expected to be introduced to Parliament in October, according to an article on