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New Cannabis Infused Beer

A new cannabis-infused beer has been recently approved for sale named General Washington's Secret Stash. This IPA created in Aurora, Colorado by brand Dad and Dudes Breweria has received approval from the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. This new brew measuring 6.5% alcohol contains 500 milligrams of cannabinoids and abut 4 mg per pint but absolutely no THC.

"Cannabinoids are a miracle compound, and I thought it would be a responsible choice to put them into beer. We had to find the perfect time in the brewing process to add the CBD to the beer,”  explains co-owner Mason Hembree.

Hembree's clever idea of having George Washington on the face of this brew came from Washington himself being a hemp advocate and being known for growing it at his Virginia farm. 

“He was a rebel leader, and this beer is a rebellious idea,”

Available in all 50 states, bringing cannabis-infused beer to existence is more about inventing a new or healthy niche in the beer world. With the process to creating this new innovative beverage. The owners of Dad and Dudes are confident that this will start a trend into a new era of cannabis culture