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CBD derived from hops

Isodiol Unveils ImmunAG, a CBD Product Derived From Hops Rather Than Hemp

On November 14th, 2017, Isodiol International Inc. (CSE:ISOL) (OTC:ISOLF) (FSE:LB6A.F) announced the launch of ImminAG™, the first non-cannabis CBD product on the market. The time-released product is derived from the hops plant and was unveiled at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (MJBizCon) in Las Vegas, and will be available for purchase through Isodol’s website.

CEO of Isodiol, Marcos Agramont, said “The release of ImmunAG is a monumental milestone for Isodiol, as it marks the industry’s first foray into non-cannabis CBD products… This launch is a continuation of our company strategy to provide a diverse range of products as we strive to increase shareholder value by creating entirely new market segments.”

Isodiol International Inc, a global Bioactive Phytoceutical innovator specializing in the development of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, is the pioneer of many firsts for the cannabis industry. Isodiol was the first to commercialize 99%+ pure, bioactive pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids, as well as micro-encapsulations and nanotechnology.

A variety of plants produce cannabinoids aside from cannabis and hops including chocolate and black pepper, though few crops are as inexpensive to grow and as productive as hemp. However, hemp CBD is still considered a schedule 1 drug by the US federal government. 

Using proprietary extraction and purification methodologies, Isodiol claims to be able to maintain the bioactivity of CBD from hops greater level than anything currently derived from the cannabis plant. The ImmunAG tablet also dissolves in the lower intestine instead of the stomach, also enhancing the bioactivity.

“Cannabis is accepted by less than 10% of the world, while the hops plant is accepted universally,” claimed Agramont. “This significant expansion of the global marketplace, paired with our ability to manufacture and distribute the product world-wide, gives us access to practically every country and avails this product and subsequent products to the global marketplace.”

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