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CBD 101

Informative Study on the use of Medical Marijuana

A survey was conducted by the Center for Medical Cannabis research at the University of California, San Diego to see effects on patients taking CBD-rich cannabis medicines for the treatment of different disorders.

The key findings of this study are:

  • Patients who are suffering from various incurable and chronic diseases are taking CBD-rich cannabis medicines because even FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are unable to provide any treatment to their disorders. Among these patients, there are more than 12% patients who use it to treat cancer.
  • Patients with mood disorders, psychiatric and neurological illnesses responded to CBD-dominant cannabis medicines while on the other hand CBD-rich cannabis medicines were favored by patients suffering from inflammation and pain.
  • Patients who took a ratio of 4:1 of CBD to THC displayed improvement in their moods as well as reduced pain and discomfort.
  • Migraines, headaches and fibromyalgia related disorders majorly decreased with the use of CBD-rich cannabis. Patients, especially those with PTSD, showed good progress and had greater sense of well being.
  • Some who were consuming CBD medicines merely to achieve a sense of well being reported negative effects and they were not able to achieve the generally 'good' effect. This might infer that CBD products should not be taken as a supplement by people who are mostly healthy.