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Synthetic CBD Oil

How To Avoid Purchasing Synthetic CBD Oil

Recent news out of Utah noted that 52 people became ill this year after consuming synthetic CBD. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the products responsible for the illnesses, sold under the brand name Yolo CBD Oil, contained a dangerous synthetic cannabinoid called 4-CCB and were falsely labeled as containing cannabidiol or CBD.

Users of the synthetic CBD reported symptoms such as altered mental states, nausea, vomiting, shaking and seizures, none of which are linked to real CBD oil.

The CDC report read, in part:

"Eight of the tested products were branded as 'Yolo CBD oil' and indicated no information about the manufacturer or ingredients. Blood samples from four of five persons were positive for 4-CCB… Approximately one-quarter of persons were aged <18 years, nearly three-fourths had vaped the CBD product, and approximately 60% were seen at an emergency department… This investigation highlights the hazards of consuming unregulated products labeled as CBD."

Some experts are blaming the prevalence of synthetic CBD products on the prohibition of the cannabinoid by some states and the resulting lack of regulation of the product. Angela Bacca, a media strategist, working with advocacy group TRUCE Utah said, “These people having problems with CBD oil is 100 percent a side effect of prohibition.”

As CBD's popularity continues to skyrocket, more and more Americans have turned to the hemp-derived compound as an effective treatment for a range of illnesses including chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures. Along with the proliferation of legitimate CBD products, there is also a growing list of unregulated products claiming to contain CBD. As a result, new users have difficulty determining which products are real and which are fake without doing some research.

How To Make Sure CBD Oil Is the Real Deal

The best way for users to avoid synthetic products is to purchase directly from a top name brand CBD manufacturer. The top CBD oil brands sell millions of dollars worth of CBD and therefore have quite a bit of skin in the game. Producing and selling products containing dangerous synthetic compounds can result in ruined reputations and plummeting sales which could put a company out of business quickly. Using synthetic compounds is not worth the risk, especially when real CBD is not difficult to produce or to purchase in bulk.

Another tip is to avoid buying in local stores and instead purchase CBD online directly from a reputable name brand manufacturer. All confirmed cases of tainted and synthetic CBD come from people who have purchased a no-name CBD Oil off the shelf in a smoke shop or convenience store. There’s no way of knowing whether or not these products even contain any CBD at all, never mind dangerous synthetic cannabinoids.

Most importantly, all of the big brand names submit their products to third-party laboratories to test them for CBD levels as well as any contaminates or synthetic compounds, and many are happy to provide those test results to their customers. Any CBD retailer that cannot provide independent lab-results should be viewed cautiously. By purchasing CBD online from a reputable company that provides third-party lab tests to verify their safety, consumers can be sure they are receiving a safe and effective CBD oil product.