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CBD vape pens can produce toxic compounds

How To Assure Your CBD Vape Pen Is Safe

CBD vape pens are quickly gaining in popularity. They’re easy to use, convenient to carry and provide fast-acting effects and high bioavailability. Vaping is even perceived to be a healthier alternative to inhaling smoke, but if you don't purchase your vape oils from a reliable source, you could be exposing yourself to a new hidden danger.

Toxic Vaping

Vape pens work by heating up vape oils to their evaporation temperature so they can be inhaled. According to researchers, some CBD vape juices and cartridges have been found to use a chemical called propylene glycol as an oil base, the same stuff used to make antifreeze for cars, instead of much safer vegetable glycerine. When vaporized, propylene glycol converts into tiny particles of liquid plastic called carbonyls. Formaldehyde, for example, is a carbonyl and it’s highly poisonous. Carbonyls are not only known to cause cancer but can also do serious long-term damage to lungs.

Back in 2010 the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a study which concluded that airborne propylene glycol can induce or exacerbate asthma and eczema, and can also cause allergic reactions. Children were said to be particularly sensitive to these airborne toxins.

Safe Vaping

Health professionals recommend that people who use CBD vape pens become aware of the origin and content of their vape oils to avoid long-term and potentially severe health issues. When shopping for vape pens and oils, choose a product that uses natural vegetable glycerine rather than propylene glycol. Also, choose a company that is reputable and that gets their CBD from a reputable source. Generally, it is wise to completely avoid vape products made in China.

Conversely, reputable US companies such as industry leader Diamond CBD go to great effort to assure that their CBD vape oils and pens are 3rd party tested to be sure their CBD is pure and free of toxins, and they use safe vaping oils. You can find their products here.