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Football Players

Former NFL stars utilize Cannabis as medicine

It's a well known fact that football players oftentimes have lifelong injuries resulting in a life of pain and discomfort. Former Miami Dolphins Running Back Ricky Williams admits using marijuana to deal with that pain and is now a crusader for cannabis. He and two other former professional football players called on the National Football League to allow the use of marijuana as a medicine at a recent South Florida Conference for Cannabis. 

“At the time I decided to retire in 2004, there really wasn’t any such thing as advocating for patients’ rights in regards to cannabis, I was an underachiever who decided to give up millions of dollars and a future to go smoke pot.”

Williams said during the Southeast Cannabis Conference in Fort Lauderdale. Now at 40, Williams says he’s 

“fighting the lies and half-truths about this plant. The stigma is starting to be lifted, it really has helped a lot of people.” 

Marvin Washington, a former defensive end for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, has called cannabis a safe alternative to the prescription painkillers popped by players starting in training camp.

“To me, cannabis is medicine,” Washington said Sunday.