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Despite CBD Legality, Confusion Leads to Store Raid in Indiana

CBD is legal nationwide, however it's still smart to be careful where and when to be public with it. The Indiana State Excise Police recently raided a Fresh Thyme store in that state of its inventory of CBD products due to confusion on the part of the police over its legality. According to Nuvo, 'Indy's alternative voice,' which covered the story:

In states where medicinal marijuana is legal, CBD is readily available at dispensaries where other approved cannabis products are sold. However in Indiana, medical marijuana isn’t legal. But industrial hemp products — products that contain less than 0.3 percent THC — are legal. CBD is an industrial hemp product, however the government label of all cannabis regardless of THC levels and the stigma around the plant — and as a result CBD — has been the cause of confusion over understanding the differences for decades.

That didn't stop the police though, who themselves couldn't explain the rational of their raid of the CBD. When Nuvo addressed the police, asking for the legal justification of their seizure, this was the response:

When NUVO asked the Excise Police about the Fresh Thyme raid, the laws used to justify the action and the law enforcement agency’s understanding of the HEA 1148 as it relates to the sale and distribution of CBD, Public Information Officer Heather Lynch stated that most of the questions asked required legal analysis. However Lynch did say that while CBD hadn’t been high on the radar for excise police, other cannabis-related products have been confiscated.

As you can see, the police weren't exactly eager to admit they weren't exactly sure what they were doing, but did it anyways. As Nuvo notes, hemp and hemp derived products, including edibles, are sold widely, including in Indiana. The takeaway here is that even though the typical interpretation of the law states that CBD is perfectly legal nationwide, it's still wise to be cautious.

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash