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Ninth Circuit’s Ruling Does Not Apply To CBD From Hemp: Kight On Cannabis

In a decision released April 30th, the 9th Circuit refused to order a retraction of the December 2016 DEA "extracts designation" on CBD, re-affirming CBD as a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Hemp Industries Association (HIA), Centuria, RMH Holdings, and attorneys at Hoban Law are downplaying the decision and say they will ask the court to reconsider, and if unsuccessful, look at pursuing an appeal.  


The Legality of CBD: The Hemp Industry Vs. The DEA

Cannabidiol gained some unwanted attention recently, all of it stemming from a 2016 DEA pronouncement listing CBD as an illegal drug. With the ruling, state and local law enforcement officials began a targeted disinformation campaign targeted at disrupting the industry. In Tennessee, 23 shops were recently raided and padlocked, with store owners arrested for selling “illegal or synthetic drugs” to minors.


These 18 States Concur: CBD is Medicine

As evidence for CBD’s medicinal value continues to grow, the debate as to whether CBD should be considered medicine rages on in political circles. Federal prohibition of cannabis continues to keep CBD under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), where it can do the most harm (by incarcerating patients and providers and putting patients’ lives in jeopardy), rather than the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), where it could do the most good by improving the quality of lives.

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