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Dabbing with CBD

Dabbing CBD Provides Fast Relief and Exact Dosing

Dabbing, the process of smoking or vaporizing cannabis concentrates such as wax and isolates such as CBD crystals, is all the rage. But dabs are not just for stoners looking for a fast and furious high or medical marijuana patients seeking the therapeutic effects of THC. Dabbing with CBD isolate crystals is becoming quite popular for its non-psychotropic, fast-acting effects, its high bioavailability, and exact dosing.

Dabbing CBD avoids additives

CBD isolate is generally sold in a solid form such as crystals and should be very close to pure CBD. This is as opposed to vape juices which contain oil bases in which the CBD is dissolved as well as flavorings. Edibles also contain a variety of ingredients. These ingredients are not necessarily harmful to everyone, but may not work well for some people who may have intolerances, dietary considerations, or allergic reactions to some ingredients. When dabbing with pure crystalline CBD the user knows exactly what they are putting into their body.

Dabbing CBD delivers fast relief

There’s no faster way to get CBD circulating in your system than dabbing. When consuming CBD products such as CBD oil or CBD edibles orally, there is a lag time between dosing and feeling the effects. This can be anywhere from a half hour to an hour or more for full effect. Dabbing, on the other hand, provides almost instantaneous effects as the CBD vapor enters directly into your bloodstream via membranes in the lungs.

CBD dabs have the highest bioavailability

When consuming CBD orally, the majority of the cannabinoid is either absorbed by the fatty tissues in the lining of the digestive system or processed by the liver and expelled. Somewhere around ⅔ of the CBD consumed is wasted when consumed orally. Dabbing, on the other hand, nearly doubles the bioavailability of the CBD.

Dabbing CBD delivers an exact dose

Because CBD isolate contains CBD and nothing else, there’s no question about how much CBD you are getting at the moment of consumption. If a user wants to ingest 20 mg of CBD, he or she does a 20mg dab. Dosage can also be estimated when using edibles, however, everyone metabolizes edibles differently.

Dabbing can help determine CBD dosage

If a user is intent on using oral applications, dabbing can offer some insight into how much product should be consumed orally to achieve the desired effect. Users should start small and dab a small amount, say 5mg, and note the effects over the next couple hours. If more is needed the amount can be increased on the next dose and repeated until the desired dosage is reached. Once a proper dosage is determined, say 30mg, the user should double that amount when consuming edibles because of the lower bioavailability. Eating 60mg would provide approximately the same effect as dabbing 30mg of CBD isolate.