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CBD Is Slowly But Surely Making Its Way Into The Mainstream - Through Cosmetics

Although it’s unlikely that many THC-containing products will ever find their way onto shelves in grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores, CBD has already begun making inroads into some of the consumer products people use on a daily basis.

Although lot is being said these days about how amazingly huge the American marijuana market will be, It’s not likely that the market for THC-derived products would or could ever be larger than the alcohol industry, and for obvious reasons.

CBD, on the other hand, has two big advantages over THC - its derived from hemp, and it doesn’t give users a buzz. For this reason, the potential market for CBD is far, far larger than the potential market for marijuana. It’s not too far-fetched to say that someday CBD will find its way over the counter and into medicine cabinets and cosmetic supplies.

In fact, CBD is already moving in that direction.

The number of products that could be improved with high-CBD hemp extracts and CBD concentrates is almost equal to the number of health and beauty products on the market. But, although CBD would make a great addition to products from migraine relief to acne treatment, these kinds of medicinal products are going to be getting a lot more scrutiny from the FDA, and it’s going to take time.

CBD has a far better chance of sneaking into stores in more innocuous products such as shampoos, conditioners, and skin moisturizers.  

Word of CBD’s benefits is spreading exponentially, and more and more consumers are starting to take an interest in CBD-infused cosmetics. Hemp-derived CBD is being touted in several medical studies as having a myriad of health benefits. 

According to research firm Brightfield Group, the exponentially-growing CBD market hit $170 million in 2017 and is projected to reach $1 billion within the next three years.

Forbes recently featured a story about cannabis-infused cosmetics including natural skincare brand, Lord Jones. According to the article, Lord Jones is positioning itself to be a prestige natural skincare brand. The company has plans to open a boutique in the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, where they will offer their own products as well as a curated collection of other cannabis items. It will also be the first cannabis-centric retail outlet in a hotel in this country.

Last year Lord Jones launched a CBD-rich body lotion derived from industrial hemp which is sold nationwide in specialty shops and via their website. “We were skeptical at first if a hemp-derived CBD extract would be effective without the THC,” Capobianco told Forbes. “We are the best guinea pigs we know and we found that it [CBD extract] really worked for our own injuries so we came out with our CBD-only lotion."

Interestingly, though the product was developed to ease sore muscles, Lord Jones found that their customers were applying it to treat skin ailments such as dry skin and rashes.

Robert Dellavalle, M.D., Ph.D., MSPH, Professor of Dermatology and Public Health at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Colorado School of Public Health was a co-author of an April 2017 Journal of the American Academy Dermatology paper, which detailed an extensive survey of all the literature on the potential for CBD’s use in dermatology titled  “The role of cannabinoids in dermatology.”

Dellavalle says the results of his research were “quite promising on several levels for its anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, treating eczema, psoriasis, and itch.”

“We are at the infancy of discovering what cannabis can do for our skin,” said Dellavalle, “but our government is really holding us back from our research. Half of dermatology stems from inflammation. If cannabis is as effective as we think it may be in treating inflammation, it might be effective in treating half of what we see as dermatologists.”

While CBD-based skincare products are currently only sold online and in small specialty stores, Forbes claims that this is about to change. In their article, they quote a Sephora [SEPHORA] executive who asked to remain anonymous to comment on their plans to incorporate CBD in their products. The source confirmed that the beauty giant does indeed have plans to launch at least one CBD-based skincare brand this year. That’s big news for the CBD industry and it won’t go unnoticed by savvy investors.

The infusion of CBD-infused cosmetic products into the mainstream has begun. The only question now is now quickly it will take hold.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash