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CBD Oil Saves Boys Life

CBD Oil Credited With Saving Life of 11-Year-Old Boy

CBD oil is being credited with saving the life of 11-year-old Billy Caldwell. Billy almost didn't make it to his 12th birthday. He was having upwards of 100 seizures every day caused by severe epilepsy.

Since being prescribed CBD oil, Billy’s health has improved drastically. In fact, he hasn't suffered a seizure in 10 months, making him the new poster child for CBD oil.

Billy’s epilepsy was intractable. No matter what changes were made to his diet or medication, his seizures remain frequent and unpredictable. His condition was serious. Any one of his seizures could have killed him.

In June 2016, Billy’s mom took him to an epilepsy center in Los Angeles. Doctors there found an inoperable lesion on the left temporal lobe of his brain. Left with no other options, his doctors referred him to a medical cannabis specialist in the United States where CBD is legal, and Billy began treatment with CBD oil.

Billy’s mom said, “Billy tried it for eight months, supervised by a medical doctor, it took a while but it worked.” Billy has now passed 300 days without having a seizure.

Billy’s family lives in Castlederg, Northern Ireland. His local doctor was able to transfer his prescription, making him the first person in the UK with a medical cannabis prescription. “Whatever the rights and wrongs, we had a child who had benefited and the child’s welfare was paramount,” said Billy’s doctor. “On that basis I issued a prescription.”

Billy Caldwell

Facebook / Keep Billy Alive

Billy also suffers from autism, which Ms. Caldwell said has also improved with use of the CBD oil.

“His eye contact has got really good, he used to have to wear special needs boots to support his ankles, but now he is wearing trainers,” she said. “For some parents, this wouldn’t be a big deal but for us it was massive. His balance and his walking is so much better, he can now go up and down steps whereas before he couldn’t do that, his concentration has got much better, before he couldn't concentrate for long.”

To celebrate Billy’s success and the support he received from the “Keep Billy Alive” campaign, his family is hosting Billy’s Bud Fest on September 9th in Castlederg, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. So far, Caldwell is surprised by the response the family has received, “We’ve nearly 600 bookings in at the moment for camping alone and then there’ll be people who will just drive down during the daytime as well.”

The event is sponsored by Cannabis Collective UK, Legalise Cannabis NI, Belfast Cannabis Group, and a number of other marijuana organizations. During the festival, Billy will be selling his own personal brand of CBD oil, Billy’s Bud, while guests enjoy the live music, food trucks, comedy, indoor market, camping, and more CBD products.