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CBD from hops founder Bomi Joseph faked discovery, lied about identity claims new damning report

CBD from hops founder Bomi Joseph faked discovery, lied about identity claims new damning report

A report out from PotNetwork News late Friday exposed what appears to be a major fraud behind the discovery of ImmunAG, the “hops-derived” CBD touted by Dr. Bomi Joseph of Peak Health Center in Los Gatos, California. According to an in-depth investigation, not only did Joseph falsify his research, plagiarising the bulk of it from other respected scientists from across the globe, but he lied about his identity as well.

The report showed indisputable evidence that the man parading around as Dr. Bomi Joseph is actually one Moses Sunith Prasad Joseph, a former venture capitalist and convicted con man who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for defrauding companies such as Eastman Kodak out of more than $20 million in the early 2000s.

“The whole story with CBD from hop is insane,” Dr. Volker Christoffel told PotNetwork News in an interview. Christoffel is one of the many researchers from whom Joseph plagiarised his work. In fact, according to the groundbreaking report, Joseph stole his entire paper that claimed one could process CBD from hops, directly from Dr. Christoffel and his team of German researchers.

“The so-called Dr. Bomi Joseph plagiarised that paper — upwards of 72 percent word-for-word and the rest with some creative reshuffling — publishing it in a journal of his own making, Journal of Medical Phyto Research, under the title “Identification of cannabidiol from Humulus Kriya using x-ray crystallography,” wrote PotNetwork News.

According to the article, “hops-derived” CBD, or Humulus kriya as Joseph called it, does not exist. The product, first sold by Isodiol and now by Medical Marijuana Inc. subsidiary Kannaway as Real Scientific Humulus Oil, is, apparently, bunk.

The article details the extent of Mr. Joseph’s fraud, discussing how he first approached CBD manufacturer Centuria. CEO Michael Brubeck is quoted extensively in the story as saying that Joseph repeatedly lied to him. Eventually, the two ended their relationship.

“That was a red flag,” said Brubeck, according to PotNetwork News. “I started to wonder what his actual name was. Later, we would ask why he was renting an office from jail.”

Joseph runs an organization called Peak Health Center out of Los Gatos California, which he claims to be a 501(c)(3). However, the article noted that Joseph lied about that as well.

For his part, Joseph denied the allegations, stating that it was his colleague who plagiarised the work. He also denied any association with Moses Joseph; however, pictures of his mugshot in the article proved otherwise.

Questions remain about what Isodiol and Medical Marijuana Inc. knew about the fraud; however, they refused to comment for the article.