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Canadian pets denied the benefits of CBD

For years people throughout Canada have been using CBD oil to treat animals for a number of conditions including chronic pain, seizures, osteoporosis, and anxiety. But recent dialogue between the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and the Office of Medical Cannabis at Health Canada has concluded that for now, pets will have to suffer without the benefits of CBD treatments. 

Apparently all cannabis derivatives are prohibited under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. No medicine can legally be prescribed without first being classified as an approved medicine by Health Canada. Since no cannabis-based medicines have been approved by Health Canada for use with animals, there is not any legal pathway to prescription. This may be the only thing that is stopping Veterinarians from having the authority to prescribe CBD based products.

As well as this, there are no official guidelines on prescribing CBD for animals and the possibility of overdose can cause some concern for animal lovers. With veterinarians commonly having to treat pets for accidental cannabis toxicity, strict laws would have to be placed for consumption purposes. Progress is planned to be seen in the near future.