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CBD Oil Revenues Continue To Rise

CBD Oil set at least one company ablaze this year, as Diamond CBD, Inc., announced another period of record-setting revenues in May. The company, an industry leader in all-natural industrial-grade hemp CBD oil, surpassed $2 million in sales per month, a trend that continues to break year-over-year records according to a statement put out in late June.


Will Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Save The Marijuana Trade?

With wholesale and bulk cannabis prices in Oregon plummeting, some growers are turning to the other green rush —hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). In fact, since 2015, applications for hemp cultivation licenses in the state have increased more than twentyfold.

Oregon's current inventory of marijuana is a staggering one million pounds of flower. On top of that, there’s also 350,000 pounds of marijuana extracts, edibles, and tinctures sitting on retail warehouse shelves in the state. Under federal law, none of it can leave the state.


Ninth Circuit’s Ruling Does Not Apply To CBD From Hemp: Kight On Cannabis

In a decision released April 30th, the 9th Circuit refused to order a retraction of the December 2016 DEA "extracts designation" on CBD, re-affirming CBD as a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Hemp Industries Association (HIA), Centuria, RMH Holdings, and attorneys at Hoban Law are downplaying the decision and say they will ask the court to reconsider, and if unsuccessful, look at pursuing an appeal.  

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