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Athletes benefit from CBD

As more people around the nation favor legalizing marijuana and consumers, experts, and professionals that use the medicine grow more influential by the day, athletes in particular are becoming much more open about their use of CBD and marijuana to recover and deal with pain

From the NFL to MMA, athletes are coming to the forefront and giving their personal accounts with the cannabis derived chemicals. Some even becoming big spokespeople for the "miracle cure". Former UFC champion, Bas Rutten, has become one of the most vocal athletes on the subject. Rutten believes that CBD oil helped him put an end to his addiction to oxycontin. He began using CBD and replaced oxycontin to ease his back pain during long drives.

When asked how CBD compares to oxycontin as a pain killer he said,

“It’s almost exactly the same. You get warm, you feel good, you’re nice and relaxed, and it’s not addicting. So it was perfect. I was super happy that I didn’t need the pain pills anymore.”

Even though, cannabis use is frowned upon in professional sports. More past athletes are coming to the stage to talk about the benefits cannabis and its chemicals can have on the body which can undergo a lot being a professional athlete. Over time, more knowledge will be spread and research will be done to get people on the same page.